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The Meyer 240 Receiver Hitch Spreader is Ideal for Light Vehicles

Do you drive an SUV, light pick-up truck, tractor, or utility vehicle? If your vehicle has a 2-inch receiver hitch, the Meyer 240 is for you.

Meyer's Receiver Hitch Spreaders are perfect for small and medium jobs, like walkways and long driveways.

  Motor Guard for the Meyer 240

   Receiver Hitch Spreader, the Meyer 240
240 spreader easily attaches with a 2" receiver hitch

Integrated motor guard protects motor

Auger of the Meyer 240 Receiver Hitch Spreader
Auger provides an even flow
   of material to the spinner

Powerful Motor, Smooth Spread

An integrated motor guard protects the 1/8 h.p. electric motor and serves as a storage stand when the spreader is not in use. The 1/8 h.p. direct drive motor applies the torque directly to the auger to grind through large chunks of material.

The auger provides an even flow of material to the spinner for complete and steady material coverage. To keep moisture out so material stays dry, the Meyer 240 Spreader comes with heavy-duty, easy-to-use locking straps.

 Lid Locking Straps

Standard lid locking straps
      keep moisture out



240 Reliability

It May Be Small But It's Tough
When it comes to managing snow and ice, there is nothing more frustrating than unreliable equipment. That's why we make the Meyer 240 to standards high enough to be branded a Meyer.

Direct-drive Motor
The 240's direct-drive system links the 1/8 h.p. motor directly to the auger, creating up to 75% more auger power than non-direct drive set-ups. The motor provides superior clump-busting performance, and its marine-style electrical plug keeps the water out to ensure consistent electrical flow from the vehicle's battery.

But the motor is not the only thing about 240 that's tough as nails. The hoppers are made of rust-proof, high-density polyurethane…the hopper frames are powder coated with automotive style paint. And in the event you back into something, the motor is protected by an integrated motor guard made of tubular steel.

Electric motor

Fully Assembled & Factory Certified
All Meyer 240s are manufactured under Meyer's stringent quality standards. These spreaders are fully assembled, tested, operated, certified and packaged right off the assembly line to ensure product quality.


240 Ease-of-Use

One-man Installation
When it comes to managing snow and ice, there is nothing more frustrating than unreliable equipment. That's why we make the Meyer 240 to standards high enough to be branded a Meyer.

In-cab Controller
The highly intuitive and comfortable two-speed control (Low and High) is easy to use and delivers a precise spread-pattern of up to 25 feet.

Show controller

Bumper & display stand
Motor Guard & Storage Stand
To keep the motor protected, the 240 comes with an integrated guard that also serves as a storage stand in the off-season. The unit stores upright, and utilizes very little floor space.


240 Specifications

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Receiver Hitch Spreader Lock
Prevent your valuable spreader investment from theft with our stainless steel lock.  The 3" locking pin conveniently replaces the existing pin bolt, works on all standard 2"x2" receiver hitch spreader mounts.  The quick disconnect/connect design makes changes fast and easy.  Lock comes with a set of keys (2) complete with instructions for quick and easy installation.  Protect your investment today.                                                                              
Receiver Hitch Spreader Lock


Flow Gate Conrol
The Meyer Flow Gate control system allows the end-user to set the material flow rate based on the material being used.  The unit is made of 100% aluminum and will not rust, is lightweight and extremely easy to install.  The unit clamps to the throat of the spreader.  Simply clamp the flow gate unit onto the discharge throat of the unit, tighten the clamping screws, and the flow gate teeth bite into the discharge throat securing the control to the spreader.  Salt is very expensive, and the flow gate control maximizes material discharge eliminating waste.
Flow Gate Control


Spreader Controller
Spreader Controller (optional)
The Meyer Spreader Controller (patent-pending) is the most reliable and convenient controller on the market. This lightweight and compact unit comes standard with many easy-to-use, performance-enhancing features such as:
  • Auto Spinner Stop Mode – If selected, when the brake is depressed for five seconds, the spinner automatically stops, thus saving your precious salt.
  • Auto Vibrate Mode – If selected, the vibrator will automatically activate for 10 seconds every 60 seconds; this keeps the material agitated and ready for application.
The unit also boasts convenient features such as back-lit controls for visual clarity at night, and a variable-speed dial that easily controls spinner speed. When it comes to serviceability, this controller is two steps ahead of the competition. The Controller also monitors the motor performance, if the controller senses that the motor is not operating it automatically shuts down the system allowing the operator to inspect the system. In anticipation of unwanted amp surges, the unit comes standard with easy-to-replace automotive-type fuses. The Meyer Controller requires minimal installation and comes with all mounting hardware and instructions for easy installation.

Spreader Controller


Driveway Markers 1Driveway Markers 2
Driveway Markers
Meyer Driveway Markers are 4’ long, made of sturdy ¼” fiberglass to withstand winter elements. They are flexible, designed to bend virtually in half and return to their original position. Designed of highly reflective florescent orange along with a specialized reflective tape make them highly visible during a storm or after dark.
Learn more

Driveway Markers
03240 Bundle of 100
03242 Insertion Tool

3-Point Hitch Mounting
3-Point Hitch Mounting
It is common for the 240 to be used in many applications. The optional 3-Point Hitch attachment adapts the Meyer 240 to any standard 3-point hitch configuration. Perfect for golf courses, universities, institutions and agricultural environments. The 240 inserts into the 2” receiver hitch on the 3-Point Hitch mount. It is easily installed and comes with instructions and hardware.

3-Point Hitch Mounting

Spreader Rear Work Lights
Spreader Rear Work Lights
Lighting the work area behind the truck is becoming as important as lighting the work area in front of the truck. Meyer offers two options for rear lighting, a LED and Halogen offering:
  • LED Rear Light Package – Includes a LED work light and mounting hardware. The heavy-duty industrial LED work light mounts conveniently to any rear location and brightens up the rear of the truck. The light is fully adjustable and plugs in to a standard trailer hitch power cord.
  • Halogen Rear Light Package – Includes a Halogen work light and mounting hardware. The halogen work light conveniently mounts to any rear location and brightens up the rear of the truck. The light is fully adjustable and plugs in to a standard trailer hitch power cord.
Each kit consists of one work light and comes fully assembled with mounting hardware and instructions.

LED Rear Light Package
34610 (LED Rear Light Package)
Halogen Rear Light Package
34609 (Halogen Rear Light Package)

Meyer Dielectric grease
Meyer Dielectric Grease
Prevent your valuable system from the harsh elements of the winter with Meyer’s dielectric grease. Meyer’s dielectric grease is specially formulated to coat and protect electrical connections from deteriorating elements such as salt and road grime. It is recommended to coat all electrical connections prior to winter and each time you re-connect to ensure optimal performance. Grease comes per each, 2.7oz tube.

Meyer Dielectric Grease

Meyer sno flow paint
Meyer Sno-Flo Industrial Paint
Our specially formulated paint is designed to improve snow-rolling action and withstand the harsh operational environment. Meyer Yellow, Black & White Primer is available in aerosol spray cans (12/case) and Meyer Yellow Brush Paint is available in 1 quart cans (4/case) that can be shipped via UPS.

Industrial paint  
Brush Yellow: 08755 (4/1qt cans/case)
Spray Case Yellow: 08677 (12 cans/case)
Spray Case Black: 08676 (12 cans/case)
Spray Case White Primer: 08841 (12 cans/case)


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Tailgate Receiver
Light trucks/SUVs
240 pounds
Bagged rock salt
Polyurethane hopper, carbon steel frame
1/8 h.p. Electric

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