Meyer 295 Anti-Icer
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Meyer 295 Liquid Applicator


Pre-treat For Faster and Easier Snow Removal
Meyer’s Anti-Icer for pick-up trucks is for landscapers and municipalities that wish to pre-treat parking lots and intersections with liquid de-icing material before the storm hits. It helps prevent ice from bonding to the pavement, making snow removal easier and faster.

Meyer’s Anti-Icer includes high-performance features like:

295 Liquid Applicator
A 295-gallon, low-profile tank which can spray up to 40 gallons per lane mile at speeds up to 40 mph. The low-profile design makes rear-window visibility much better.
295 Spray Nozzle
A unique, self-regulating nozzle with instant on/off control eliminates waste and precisely regulates flow.
295 quick coppler
A quick-connect spray bar allows liquid to be rapidly unloaded when done or used as a transfer tank.
295 Adjustable Spray Bar
A Six-foot wide, height-adjustable spray bar allows optimal placement of liquid.
295 Spray Nozzle
A standard, 50-foot spray reel( ½-inch, 300psi), allows anti-icing in areas that vehicles can't reach.
550 Baffle Ball
A baffle ball is standard equipment in the plastic tank to stabilize the liquid for safe operation


Meyer 295 Applicator - Reliability
Who has time for downtime?
Your snow and ice control equipment needs to be up and running so that when the weather calls, you can answer. At Meyer, we build reliability into our products. Some of the key built-to-last features of our Anti-Icer for PVs include:
295 Spray Bar
A powder coat paint steel frame protects the self-regulating nozzle.
295 Electrical Connection
Weather-tight electrical connections help keep moisture out in the tough winter environment.
295 Honda Motor
A reliable, 5.5hp Honda engine that drives the centrifugal pump for around-the-clock performance.
295 Anti-Icer Plumbing
Corrosion-proof polypropylene plumbing helps keep you up and running.


Meyer 295 Applicator - Ease of Use
A Tough Job Gets Easier.
When the storm is bearing down and the pressure is on, you don’t need the job to be any tougher. That's why we designed our Anti-Icers to be easier to use with in-cab controls and self-regulating features that make the job a little easier. Meyer's PV Anti-Icers include:

Meyer Liquid Applicator On/Off switch
An easy on/off switch turns the spray "on" or "off" from inside the cab.
295 Integrated Spray Bar
A hitch-mounted spray bar that allows you to install the unit in any 8-foot truck bed with ease and no tools are required to mount the spray bar.
295 Anti Icer
Self-storing leg stands that enable fast removal and storage of spray system.
Spray Nozzle
A self-regulating nozzle that can be adjusted to achieve your desired spray pattern.
Inline Flow meter
An easy-to-use, in-line flow meter that lets you chose the correct application rate to meet your needs.

Options Available:
  • 300-foot hose reel
  • In-cab remote start for engine (must be ordered at the time of the original order…factory installed only)


Meyer 295 Applicator - Specification
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Meyer 295 Applicator - Accessories
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Liquid Applicator for Pick-up trucks
¾-ton pick-up trucks w/8-foot beds
295 gallons
Liquid, de-icing material
5.5 HP Honda gas motor
40 gallons per lane @ 40 MPH
Polyethylene tanks, carbon steel frame

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