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Meyer Ground Tracking Technology
Want the ultimate in snow clearing performance?

With Ground Tracking Technology, the blade automatically pivots up to 12-degrees and stays engaged with uneven surfaces, so you can clean in just one pass. It also allows the plow to remain level during transport and keeps the mount straight when mounting/dismounting on uneven surfaces. Ground Tracking Technology is standard on Road Pro 32-Series and optional on Lot Pro and Diamond Edge plows.

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GroundTracking Technology™  (GTT) 

Allows the plow to pivot up to 12 degrees in either direction, so it automatically follows the contour of the road. Ground Tracking Technology clears surfaces faster and better to clean snow and ice in one pass.


Levels the moldboard automatically when it’s raised and moved right or left. Plus the plow remains level during transport. 


Allows the plow to mount more easily on uneven surfaces because the mount stays level even if the moldboard is not.

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