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Be Ready Before the Storm
Meyer Anti-Icers are perfect for pre-treating areas that need to remain open during winter storms. When applied before the storm, the brine mixture will not allow snow or ice to bond to the pavement.

Meyer Anti-Icers help you be more efficient when the snow storm arrives—since the area is pre-treated, you won’t need as much manpower or materials to clear the area of snow and ice.

Our Anti-Icer is designed with a unique space-saving design. You can carry other equipment with you—like the optional Blaster tailgate mount, which lets you salt and pre-treat at the same time.

Space-Saving Tank | Anti-Icer | Meyer
Features a unique space-saving tank design.
 Meyer Anti-Icers are high-performance, professional-caliber machines that perform in the snowiest of blizzards.

100 Gallon Anti-Icer Tank
They are available in different capacities: 100 gallon (perfect for utility vehicles), 200 gallon, 300 gallon, & 400 gallon.
Wireless Controller | Anti-Icer | Meyer
You can control all functions, including engine starting and stopping, from inside or outside of the cab with the wireless controller.
Hitch Mounted Spray Bar | Anti-Icer | Meyer
The hitch mounted spray bar can be easily removed. It features five hand-adjustable spray nozzles for precise placement of the material.
Adjustable Anti-Icer Spray Gun
The adjustable spray gun features multiple spray nozzles and extra-long 150-feet hoses. These help you anti-ice foot traffic areas, like sidewalks and steps.
Power Pro Engine
The 6.5 HP Power Pro engine in the Meyer Anti-Icer starts with an electric wireless start.

Save Space, Increase Efficiency

Are you looking to salt and pre-treat simultaneously? With the optional Blaster tailgate mount, you can add a spreader to your vehicle, too. Salting and de-icing at the same time saves valuable time and money - both important when facing a snow storm.



Anti-Icer Reliability

Who has time for downtime?
Your snow and ice control equipment needs to be up and running so that when the weather calls, you can answer. At Meyer, we build reliability into our products. Some of the key built-to-last features of our liquid applicators include:

Poly Hopper - space-saving design allows you to carry other material or equipment, and will not corrode
Lockable Lid - helps prevent theft and material contamination
Jet Tank Agitation - keeps concentrate mixed properly for improved performance
Adjustable Spray Nozzles - five spray nozzles adjustable in three different patterns provide exact material placement for reliable pre-treatment
Tension Bar - keeps hopper secure for reliable performance


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Anti-Icer Accessories


Blaster Tailgate Mount
Blaster Tailgate Mount
Adding a Blaster Spreader makes it easy to spread material, anti-ice or pre-treat rock salt at the spinner without changing equipment. The Blaster mount uses a 2" receiver tube and adjusts easily. The Blaster spreader spinner sits lower than the spray bar of the anti-icer for effective salt distribution.

Blaster Tailgate Mount

Electric Hose Reel
Electric Hose Reel
The electric hose reel with stainless steel guides is self-winding with the push of one button.

Electric Hose Reel
64512 12" Electric Hose Reel
64514 18" Electric Hose Reel

Meyer Pro Edge Snow Rake
Meyer Pro Edge Snow Rake
This Meyer accessory is made from a foam-like polyethylene. The squeegee-like head never gets brittle, and doesn't absorb water, so it remains pliable to safely contour to your vehicle and efficiently remove snow. The pliable head also means no more scratching your vehicle's finish. It comes with a long handle so no matter how large your vehicle, the Meyer Pro Edge Snow Rake can reach the area you need to scrape.

Meyer Pro Edge Snow Rake
38198 (10/case) 

Hotshot Hand-held Crank Spreader
Hotshot Hand-held Crank Spreader
This professional spreader holds up to 5 lbs. of ice melt products. It's easy to use: set the dial, pull the trigger then rotate the lever in a clockwise position. To stop material output, simply let go of the trigger. Spreads ice-melt, fertilizer or seed for true four-season performance.

Hotshot Hand-held Crank Spreader
38196 (6/case) 


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Liquid Applicator for Pickup trucks and Utility Vehicles
Class 2-5 Vehicles (200 - 400 gallon units) and Utility Vehicles (100 gallon units)
100 - 400 gallons
Liquid, de-icing material
6.5 HP Power Pro with electric wireless start
One lane coverage; 8 - 20 gallons per minute @ 60 PSI
Corrosion resistant polyethylene

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