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The All-New Insert Hopper with Integrated Pre-Wetting and a 5-Year Warranty
Meyer broke the mold with its new insert spreader, the Crossfire™. Not only did we design it with an integrated pre-wetting system*, it’s also backed with five years of warranty protection…that’s the best in the industry.

*Integrated pre-wetting standard on DLX models only.

Crossfire Pre-Wet Cutaway

Built-In Pre-Wetting System
Why Pre-wet?
Pre-wetting the material speeds up the melting process and reduces how far the granules bounce once they hit the pavement. Pre-wetting can save up to 30% in material usage.

Designed to Protect Your Truck
Everything about the Crossfire has been designed to protect your investment. The full-width hopper reduces material spillage into the vehicle bed to help prevent corrosion. The hopper and spinner assembly is constructed from polyethylene to eliminate rust. All mechanical drives are concealed from the elements to keep salt and moisture out and increase service life.
Crossfire Full-Width Hopper

A Delivery System that Saves Time and Money
The Crossfire’s electrically-driven delivery system consistently delivers the right amount of material when and where you need it. The hopper screen eliminates large chunks and routes ice-melt to the patent pending tapered-v, while the vibrator helps break up material for even distribution to the full-length auger. The independently controlled spinner manages output to help reduce consumption and lets you precisely spread material exactly where you need it.

Crossfire Material Delivery System
Uses patent-pending inverted V design to evenly route the material to the auger drive.

Material Output Adjusts to Vehicle's Speed

As your vehicle speed changes, Meyer’s DLX Controller with ground speed control will adjust the flow of material to maintain consistent output. Just set it to the desired material output and the controller regulates consistent flow no matter how fast or slow you are traveling.

Meyer DLX Model Controller
Meyer DLX Model Controller with ground speed control.


Ease of Use

It Practically takes Care of Itself
We designed the Crossfire to be easy and simple to maintain while providing years of trouble-free use. Some of the key built-to-last features found in the Crossfire line includes:

Polyethylene hopper provides years of service and will not rust or corrode.
Heavy-duty ½ HP auger motor grinds through tough chunks providing an even material flow to the auger.
Rear cover that protects the auger motor and vibrator from salt and debris.
Low friction poly auger bearing requires no lubrication or maintenance.
Stainless steel auger cover keeps salt out of the motor compartment.
Auger assembly can quickly be removed for inspection or maintenance.
The spinner assembly can be removed without tools making it easy to offload material at the end of a long shift.


America's Best Warranty Protection

We're so confident of the quality built into every Crossfire, we back them with the best warranty in the industry. All Crossfire's are backed with a 5-year warranty on all structural steel and hopper. (You must register your new Crossfire at to activate warranty).


Meyer Crossfire Ease-Of-Use

Thoughtful features, premium performance

Being out on the road during snow and ice events makes for a long night. That's why we made many of the ease-of-use features that are options on competitive spreaders standard on the Crossfire.

Crossfire Full Width Hopper

Full Width Hopper

The full-width hopper reduces material spillage into the vehicle bed to prevent corrosion.

DLX Controller
All Crossfire controllers include independent motor control for the auger and spinner, blast and spinner speed adjustment. Additional features of the DLX controller include pre-wet, pause, work light, vibrator and ground speed control.
Crossfire Controller


The Crossfire stores upright during the off-season, saving valuable storage space.

Integrated Work Light
The integrated work light illuminates the spread area and helps during maintenance. 
Integrated Work Light

Built-In Tarp Hooks
Tarp Hooks
Built-in tarps hooks are engineered into the hopper making tarp installation and removal quick and easy.

Lifting Pockets
Recessed lifting pockets make it easy to install or remove the Crossfire from the vehicle.
Recessed Lifting Pockets


Crossfire Specifications


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Crossfire Accessories


Crossfire Liquid Pre-Wet System Kit
Crossfire Liquid Pre-Wet System Kit
Want to decrease your salt consumption and reduce the amount of time it takes for the salt to melt the ice and snow on the road? Then pre-wetting the material is the answer. This kit lets you quickly and easily add a pre-wet system to a STD 6' Crossfire spreader by utilizing the existing tanks found on each side of the spreader. Includes a cab mounted controller, wire harness, pump, tubing and instructions.

Crossfire Liquid Pre-Wet System Kit

Crossfire Work Light
Crossfire Work Light
Direct replacement for the existing work light on STD or DLX Crossfire spreaders. Conveniently fits in the molded light pocket under the spreader. The light is fully adjustable and plugs into the existing wire harness. Kit includes light (LED or halogen), mounting hardware and instructions.

Crossfire Work Light
64833 (LED) 
64898 (Halogen) 

Crossfire Eight-Inch Side Extension

Eight-Inch Side Extension
Our 8" tall side extension adds extra capacity to your existing Crossfire spreader. Extensions are constructed from durable polyethylene and mounts directly to the tie-down stakes for quick and easy installation. Interlock design will not allow material to spill out. Kit comes with instructions and all installation hardware. 


Eight-Inch Side extensions
64762 (6' spreader) .59 cubic yard increase. 
64763 (8' spreader) .63 cubic yard increase. 

Crossfire Top Screens
Crossfire Top Screens
Direct OEM replacement for the Crossfire top screen. Prevents large chunks of material from entering the hopper for a more even material distribution. Direct OEM replacement for all STD and DLX Crossfire top screens. Includes top screens, mounting hardware and instructions.

Crossfire Top Screens
64746 (6' spreader) 
64747 (8' spreader) 

Crossfire Replacement Tarp
Crossfire Replacement Tarp
Prevents moisture or debris from being entering into the Crossfire hopper. The rugged one piece fitted tarp is constructed using weather proof material and is U-V protected for longer life. Durable tarp straps allow quick removal during filling operations.

Crossfire Replacement Tarp
64744 (6' spreader) 
64745 (8' spreader) 

Extended Spinner Assembly
Extended Spinner Assembly
Perfect for vehicles that sit higher and require a longer spinner assembly for spreading material. Angled chute is 8" longer than the standard Crossfire spinner and plugs into your existing wire harness on the STD and DLX Crossfire models without any tools. Includes angled chute assembly, stainless steel cover, electric motor, shaft, spinner and spinner guard. 26.5" tall.

Extended Spinner Assembly

The Big Yellow Box
The Big Yellow Box
The Meyer Big Yellow Box is the perfect companion for your fall, spring, summer and winter needs. The unit features 8 cubic feet of storage and is made of double walled polymer that is virtually indestructible. Perfect for storing: Sand/Salt, Power Tools, Sports equipment, Pool supplies and tools or garbage. Unit will not rust and comes lock-ready. (Lock is sold separately) Forklift pockets are built-in to move the unit when full of material. Unit is 32”W x 23”D x 30”H. No assembly required.
Learn more

The Big Yellow Box

Meyer Pro Edge Snow Rake
Meyer Pro Edge Snow Rake
This Meyer accessory is made from a foam-like polyethylene. The squeegee-like head never gets brittle, and doesn't absorb water, so it remains pliable to safely contour to your vehicle and efficiently remove snow. The pliable head also means no more scratching your vehicle's finish. It comes with a long handle so no matter how large your vehicle, the Meyer Pro Edge Snow Rake can reach the area you need to scrape.

Meyer Pro Edge Snow Rake
38198 (10/case) 

Hotshot Hand-held Crank Spreader
Hotshot Hand-held Crank Spreader
This professional spreader holds up to 5 lbs. of ice melt products. It's easy to use: set the dial, pull the trigger then rotate the lever in a clockwise position. To stop material output, simply let go of the trigger. Spreads ice-melt, fertilizer or seed for true four-season performance.

Hotshot Hand-held Crank Spreader
38196 (6/case) 

Driveway Markers 1Driveway Markers 2
Driveway Markers
Meyer Driveway Markers are 4’ long, made of sturdy ¼” fiberglass to withstand winter elements. They are flexible, designed to bend virtually in half and return to their original position. Designed of highly reflective florescent orange along with a specialized reflective tape make them highly visible during a storm or after dark.
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Driveway Markers
03240 Bundle of 100 
03242 Insertion Tool 

Suspension enhancement
Suspension Enhancement
To improve the ride and overall performance of your vehicle, Meyer offers Timbren Suspension Enhancement kits. Timbren suspension system works in conjunction with your vehicle’s factory suspension system to provide added support in the front or rear of your vehicle. Timbren’s rubber cushioned products reduce the harsh ride caused by adding leaf springs or helper springs. Timbren suspension kits come complete as a set (2) and include installation instructions. May require professional installation.
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Meyer sno flow paint
Meyer Sno-Flo Industrial Paint
Our specially formulated paint is designed to improve snow-rolling action and withstand the harsh operational environment. Meyer Yellow, Black & White Primer is available in aerosol spray cans (12/case) and Meyer Yellow Brush Paint is available in 1 quart cans (4/case) that can be shipped via UPS.

Industrial paint  
Brush Yellow: 07181 
Brush Yellow: 08755 (4/1qt cans/case) 
Spray Yellow: 07027 
Spray Yellow: 08677 (12 cans/case) 
Spray Black: 07164 
Spray Black: 08676 (12 cans/case) 
Spray White Primer: 07418 
Spray White Primer: 08841 (12 cans/case) 

Meyer Dielectric Grease
Meyer Dielectric Grease
Prevent your valuable system from the harsh elements of the winter with Meyer’s dielectric grease. Meyer’s dielectric grease is specially formulated to coat and protect electrical connections from deteriorating elements such as salt and road grime. It is recommended to coat all electrical connections prior to winter and each time you re-connect to ensure optimal performance. Grease comes per each, 2.7oz tube.

Meyer Dielectric Grease

Meyer hydraulic fluid
Meyer M1 Hydraulic Fluid
Keep your hydraulic unit operation at factory performance by using OEM M1 Hydraulic Fluid. Meyer M1 Hydraulic fluid is scientifically formulated to synchronize with internal components to withstand the extreme temperatures of the summer and winter. Meyer’s exclusive additives maximize performance and longevity of the complete operating system. M1 Hydraulic Fluid is guaranteed to perform at temperatures -40 degrees. It is recommended that you drain the M1 Hydraulic in the spring, fill and store the unit with Hydra-Flush over the summer & re-fill with new M1 Hydraulic fluid in the fall.

Note: using other hydraulic fluids or additives voids your warranty and may permanently damage your unit. Comes in case/box of 12 and includes easy pour spout or by the bottle.

Hydraulic fluid
15487 (12 bottle/case) 
15614 (55 gallon drum)

Meyer hydraulic flush
Meyer M2 Hydraulic Flush
Keeping your hydraulic unit internally clean is as important as keeping your engine clean. Meyer’s M2 Hydraulic Flush is designed to scrub the internal components and flush away all impurities that may have developed in the system. Our exclusively designed M2 Flush is designed to perform without harming seals, connectors or hydraulic ports. It is recommended that you drain the M1 Hydraulic in the spring, fill and store the unit with Hydra-Flush over the summer & re-fill with new M1 Hydraulic fluid in the fall. Comes in case/box of 12 and includes easy pour spout or by the bottle.  Learn more

Hydraulic flush
15902 (12 bottles/case) 
15903 (5 gallon pail) 
15904 (55 gallon drum)

Meyer Coolube
Meyer Coolube
Maintain Meyer equipment with our premium quality, multipurpose, non-soap based grease.  Meyer Coolube is specifically formulated to provide better lubrication in harsh conditions, perfect for higher speeds and lower temperatures  It holds up over a wider temperature range (-40 degrees Fahrenheit to 440 degrees Fahrenheit) plus it works wet or dry. Available in 14 oz. tubes or 11 oz. aerosol cans.

Coolube Tube
Tube 15181  
Tube 15182 (10 tubes/case) 
Aerosol 15185 
Aerosol 15186 (12 cans/case) 

Meyer Coolube
Meyer Chain & Cable Lube
Maintain Meyer equipment with our aerosol Chain & Cable lube.  It is specially formulated to lubricate, preserve and protect chains and cables.  This transparent heavy-duty dry film lubricant is formulated with the latest synthetic additives to ensure maximum penetration and protection against corrosion.  Once applied, the solvent evaporates leaving behind a film that will not attract dust or wash off.  Available in 11 oz. aerosol cans.

Chain & Cable Lube
15184 (12 cans/case) 


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Insert Hopper

DLX Model Includes Integrated Pre-Wet System

Standard Model Pre-Wet System is Optional
3/4 Ton Pick-Up Trucks
6-feet and 8-feet
1.5 or 2.0 cubic yds
Dry, free-flowing rock salt


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