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Hotshot Specifications


Hotshot Performance

A Broadcast Spreader For All Seasons

For a heavy-duty broadcast spreader built for all-season use, look to the Meyer Hotshot. Meyer Hotshots are compact, easy to maneuver and built to handle the extreme conditions of year-round use.

Hotshots are designed to apply a variety of materials including top-dress sand, rock salt and ice melt on snow and ice, as well as limestone and fertilizer. Maximum spread range is from 12-feet to 18-feet, depending on the model.

Controlled Spread

Hotshots are equipped to spread in confined areas, thanks to an easy-to-remove deflector shield that prevents the material from flying too far. All three Hotshot models feature ice-gripping tread pattern tires for enhanced traction in the snow.

A custom-fit, see-through cover keeps the weather out and the material in.
All Season Spreader | Meyer

Two Sizes, Three Models
Hotshot Spreaders

The Hotshot broadcast spreader is available in two capacities:

  • 70 pound: holds 1.5 bags of fertilizer or ice melt
  • 100 pound: holds two bags of fertilizer or ice melt

The 70-pound capacity is available in two frames:

  • Heat-treated carbon steel
  • rust-proof stainless steel

The 100-pound hopper comes in stainless steel that stands up to snowy conditions.


Meyer Hotshot Reliability

Our proven construction process ensures years of reliable service. Hotshot hoppers are made of high-density polypropylene and the frames are powder coat painted, butt welded and coated with epoxy. The axle and wheel bearings/bushings provide self-lubrication with excellent wear and load-carrying performance.

Meyer offers a 1-year warranty on the Meyer Hotshot Spreaders, parts and labor. Replacement parts and accessories also carry a one-year warranty.
Underside of unit in inset shot

Hot Shot top view
Custom, See Through Cover
Hot Shots come standard with a custom-fit, see-through cover that keeps the weather out and the materials in. The cover keeps you spreading by preventing the material from clumping.


Hotshot Ease-of-Use

The Hotshots That Don’t Mind Being Pushed Around
Pushing a fully-loaded spreader over snow and ice or uneven terrain can be frustrating. With the Meyer Hotshot, you’ll glide over the toughest surfaces because Hotshots have pneumatic tires driven by a gear-assisted axle with self-lubricating bearings/bushings. Made out of heavy-duty Nylatron GS impregnated with Teflon,® the greaseless gears are smooth as silk.
flow regulator
Gear-assisted axle with self-lubricating bearings and bushings

Different sized tires
All Meyer premium Hotshot models now feature 13 " diameter heavy-duty ice-gripping tread pattern tires for enhanced traction and stability.

The ergonomically friendly T-handle features a convenient push-button shut-off to quickly and easily stop the flow of material. The material flow rate is easily adjusted with an easy-to-read wheel. Hotshot spreader settings correspond to other spreader models (see instructions for quick reference). Meyer also provides guidelines for application settings based on particle size.
T-handle mechanism
T-Handle features push-button shut-off.
easy-to-read dial
Adjust flow rate with easy-to-read dial


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Hotshot Accessories


The following items are standard equipment on all Hot Shots but can also be ordered as replacement parts.

Weather Cover/Shower Cap
Weather Cover/Shower Cap
This custom fitted see-through weather cap snugly fits on the Hotshot hoppers providing maximum protection from the elements (ice, snow, rain, sleet) keeping your materials dry and free flowing.

Weather Cover/Shower Cap
Hotshot PSB14606 
Hotshot HD PSB14606 
Hotshot 100 PSB14872 

Snow Deflector
Hotshot Salt Deflector Shield
“Meyer knows” that ice and snow accumulate on sidewalks, walkways, etc. and salt and chemicals must be placed precisely on these walkways, driveways etc., as salt/chemicals can cause damage to grass, shrubs etc. The Salt Shield/Deflector allows the operator/user to place salt exactly where it needs to go without damaging expensive landscaping. Deflectors come as per each, are easily installed.

Hotshot Salt Deflector Shield
Hotshot PSB15464 
Hotshot HD PSB15972 
Hotshot 100 PSB16096 

HotShot Internal Top Screen
Hotshot Internal Top Screen
Many customers require sifting (screening) of the material prior to filling the hopper in order to break-up clumps which can cause damage to the auger and reduce performance. Meyer’s Hotshots come standard with internal spreader screens for all models. Replaceable screens come as per each, are easily installed and come with instructions for quick and easy installation.

Hotshot Internal Top Screen
Hotshot PSB14603 
Hotshot HD PSB14603 
Hotshot 100 PSB14863 

The Big Yellow Box
The Big Yellow Box
The Meyer Big Yellow Box is the perfect companion for your fall, spring, summer and winter needs. The unit features 8 cubic feet of storage and is made of double walled polymer that is virtually indestructible. Perfect for storing: Sand/Salt, Power Tools, Sports equipment, Pool supplies and tools or garbage. Unit will not rust and comes lock-ready. (Lock is sold separately) Forklift pockets are built-in to move the unit when full of material. Unit is 32”W x 23”D x 30”H. No assembly required.
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The Big Yellow Box

Meyer Pro Edge Snow Rake
Meyer Pro Edge Snow Rake
This Meyer accessory is made from a foam-like polyethylene. The squeegee-like head never gets brittle, and doesn't absorb water, so it remains pliable to safely contour to your vehicle and efficiently remove snow. The pliable head also means no more scratching your vehicle's finish. It comes with a long handle so no matter how large your vehicle, the Meyer Pro Edge Snow Rake can reach the area you need to scrape.

Meyer Pro Edge Snow Rake
38198 (10/case) 

Hotshot Hand-held Crank Spreader
Hotshot Hand-held Crank Spreader
This professional spreader holds up to 5 lbs. of ice melt products. It's easy to use: set the dial, pull the trigger then rotate the lever in a clockwise position. To stop material output, simply let go of the trigger. Spreads ice-melt, fertilizer or seed for true four-season performance.

Hotshot Hand-held Crank Spreader
38196 (6/case) 

Driveway Markers 1Driveway Markers 2
Driveway Markers
Meyer Driveway Markers are 4’ long, made of sturdy ¼” fiberglass to withstand winter elements. They are flexible, designed to bend virtually in half and return to their original position. Designed of highly reflective florescent orange along with a specialized reflective tape make them highly visible during a storm or after dark.
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Driveway Markers
03240 Bundle of 100 
03242 Insertion Tool 


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Broadcast spreader
70lbs and 100lbs
Salt, 50/50 Salt-Sand, and Sand
Frame- carbon steel or stainless (HD)

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