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Hotshot 100 Drop Spreader


3’ drop pattern for sidewalks and walkways

Drop Salt Precisely Where You Need It 


When it's snowing and you need to apply rock salt or any granular ice melt material without damaging surrounding grass or landscape, look no further.  Meyer introduces the Hotshot Drop Spreader. Its three-foot drop pattern is the perfect solution for accurate application.  Apply free-flowing ice melt to sidewalks, walkways and smaller paths to clear away snow and ice without damaging surrounding grass or plants.  It features corrosion resistant stainless steel and a salt crushing auger so even material flow is guaranteed.   





Performance Enhancing Features

The Hotshot Drop Spreader comes standard with features that make this spreader outperform any other drop spreader:



Inverted-V helps break up large clumps of material to provide a smooth even flow of material prior to dispersal. 







Salt crusher is a specially designed auger that crushes clumps of salt so even material flow is guaranteed. 





Hotshot 100 Drop Spreader feed control



Emergency feed on/off control stops the flow of material at the handle grip area so material is dropped only when needed. 


Hotshot 100 Drop Spreader

Corrosion Resistant Stainless Steel Construction

Hotshot 100 Drop Spreader stainless steel hopper
Hotshot Drop Spreader features stainless steel construction


The Hotshot Drop Spreader's hopper and other major components are constructed using corrosion resistant stainless steel, the perfect material when dealing with salt and other ice melting materials.




Hotshot 100 Drop Spreader stainless steel paddle blades



Dual stainless steel paddle blades cut and grind large rock salt particles assuring a smooth uniform coating of ice-melting material for reliable ice control.




Hotshot 100 Drop Spreader cover



Custom see-through cover is standard equipment on the Hotshot Drop Spreader. It keeps the weather out and material dry inside the hopper. The custom cover keeps you spreading by preventing the materials from clumping. 


Hotshot 100 Drop Spreader

A Push Spreader That's Built To Last

The Hotshot Drop Spreader is a strong performer even over snow-covered paths and uneven walkways. Fingertip controls and adjustable flow make cleaning sidewalks fast and easy.


Hotshot 100 Drop Spreader adjustable flow gate



Adjustable flow gate easily adjusts the material flow rate with an easy-to-read dial.   





Hotshot 100 Drop Spreader pneumatic tires



 Extra-large pneumatic tires make it easier to push the drop spreader across snow covered pathways or uneven terrain. 


Hotshot 100 Drop Spreader
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Hotshot 100 Drop Spreader


The Big Yellow Box
The Big Yellow Box
The Meyer Big Yellow Box is the perfect companion for your fall, spring, summer and winter needs. The unit features 8 cubic feet of storage and is made of double walled polymer that is virtually indestructible. Perfect for storing: Sand/Salt, Power Tools, Sports equipment, Pool supplies and tools or garbage. Unit will not rust and comes lock-ready. (Lock is sold separately) Forklift pockets are built-in to move the unit when full of material. Unit is 32”W x 23”D x 30”H. No assembly required.
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The Big Yellow Box

Meyer Pro Edge Snow Rake
Meyer Pro Edge Snow Rake
This Meyer accessory is made from a foam-like polyethylene. The squeegee-like head never gets brittle, and doesn't absorb water, so it remains pliable to safely contour to your vehicle and efficiently remove snow. The pliable head also means no more scratching your vehicle's finish. It comes with a long handle so no matter how large your vehicle, the Meyer Pro Edge Snow Rake can reach the area you need to scrape.

Meyer Pro Edge Snow Rake
38198 (10/case) 

Hotshot Hand-held Crank Spreader
Hotshot Hand-held Crank Spreader
This professional spreader holds up to 5 lbs. of ice melt products. It's easy to use: set the dial, pull the trigger then rotate the lever in a clockwise position. To stop material output, simply let go of the trigger. Spreads ice-melt, fertilizer or seed for true four-season performance.

Hotshot Hand-held Crank Spreader
38196 (6/case) 

Driveway Markers 1Driveway Markers 2
Driveway Markers
Meyer Driveway Markers are 4’ long, made of sturdy ¼” fiberglass to withstand winter elements. They are flexible, designed to bend virtually in half and return to their original position. Designed of highly reflective florescent orange along with a specialized reflective tape make them highly visible during a storm or after dark.
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Driveway Markers
03240 Bundle of 100 
03242 Insertion Tool 


Hotshot 100 Drop Spreader

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100lbs with 3 ft. drop pattern
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